Dalcnet's DGD-CBM-DMX is an interface that converts the Bluetooth Casambi signal into a DMX wired signal and also has an input to connect a push-button that you can freely assign in the Casambi app. The connection voltage is between 12VDC and 48VDC.

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Dalcnet DGD-CBM DMX enters the Casambi lamp field as follows;


Dalcnet DGD-CBM-DMX can serve to obtain signals from your Bluetooth Casambi environment on your DMX network. In the tab 'PROFILES' you can see what you can choose from. Up to 5 DMX units may be connected in parallel to this unit, but I notice that all 5 will do the same and there are therefore not 5 separate addresses on the bus.


Connection diagram Dalcnet DGD-CMB-DALI


Here you can see the available profiles of DALCNET DGD-CMB-DMX. You can change the profile just before adding the dimmer to your network. If you have already added this interface to your network and you want to change the profile, you must first disconnect it. There are some print screens from the lamp field that adjusts depending on your profile choice.

Casambi-Profile selection-Dalcnet-DGD-CMB-DALI-DMX

Dalcnet DGD-CBM-Dali;