Dalcnet DGD-CBM-DALI Casambi interface

DGD-CBM-DALI from Dalcnet is an interface that provides a multifunctional DALI bus from the Casambi app and also has an input to connect a push-button that you can freely assign in the Casambi app. The connection voltage is between 12 and 48VDC.

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Dalcnet DGD-CBM DALI ends up in the Casambi lamp field as follows;


The connection voltage of the DGD series must be between 12VDC and 48VDC. The input of the push-button is therefore also low-voltage and you may connect a potential-free switch that switches and dims the DGD itself at the factory, but which you can also assign to other commands in the network, such as a light scene call.


Connection diagram Dalcnet DGD-CMB-DALI


Here you can see the available profiles of DALCNET DGD-CMB DALI. You can change the profile just before adding the dimmer to your network. There are some print screens from the lamp field that changes when you select a different profile. If you have already added this interface to your network and you want to change the profile, you will need to disconnect it.

Casambi-Profile selection-Dalcnet-DGD-CMB-DALI

Dalcnet DGD-CBM-DALI Interface is supplied in a cardboard box;


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