Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH Casambi 4-way contact

DIN rail interface with four separately switchable outputs that can control an auxiliary relay. Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH also has 4 inputs to which you can connect push-buttons that are freely programmable in the Casambi App.


Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH enters the lamp field as follows;


Connection voltage; 12-52 VDC
max. output current on each 0-10 V channel; 10 mA
max. output current on each relay output; 500 mA
The coil voltage of the auxiliary relay must be equal to the selected connection voltage of the appliance and must be equipped with an extinguishing diode.

Connection diagram DALCNET-ADC-1248-4CH


By default, this device is set to the profile 'DIM CONVERTER'. You need to change the profile to '4CH DRIVER RELAY'. Profiles can be changed in decoupled situation.

Casambi-Profile selection-DALCNET-ADC-1248-4CH-CASAMBI

Dalcnet ADC-1248-4CH;


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