Bertronic Vairus Air Purifier Smart Casambi air purifier

VAIRUS devices are intended to improve and maintain indoor air quality and destroy up to 99,9% of airborne pathogens. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contain a wide variety of dangerous allergens and make up the bulk of our indoor gaseous pollution.

This Casambi Bertronic air purifier filters the air and kills viruses, bacteria and removes unpleasant odors. In the Casambi app you can control the speed of the fan and read various current air condition values. The Vairus Casambi controlled air purifier comes in 2 colors and 4 models.

The Vairus Air purifier appears in the Casambi lamp field as follows;

App view Vairus Air Purifier Bertronic

You can increase and decrease the speed of the fan with the dimmer;

arranging a Vairus Air Purifier Bertronic-2

Various models are available in the colors white or black;

connection diagram vairus bertronic air purifier



This Casambi Vairus Purifier is supplied with a plug adapter that you can plug directly into the socket (also PEN-earth). You must turn on the Purifier by pressing the button on the top, then operate it in the Casambi app and you can read all values.

There are 2 fans, 1 on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust side. Together they ensure silent operation (from 15 to 50 dBa depending on the speed selected)

The air drawn in first passes through a replaceable dust filter, 5 of which are included in the delivery. You can order these filters separately.


After the air has passed through the dust filter, the air in the device is treated by ceramic cells in titanium oxide (TiO2) activated by UV-a LEDs, which destroys germs, among other things.

Without ozone being produced, the air is stripped of;
Virus particles
Volatile organic compounds (allergens)
Organic and artificial fragrances


The measured values ​​of this air purifier are read in the Casambi. If you double-click on the icon in the lamp field, these values ​​will be displayed. The values ​​you see are current values ​​and are constantly being refreshed. The values ​​are;

Temperature (in degrees Celsius)
Relative humidity (in %)
Air pressure (in mBar)
TVOC (Volatile Organic Compounds in ppb (parts per billion))
CO2 (in ppm (parts per million))
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
Airflow (air displacement in m3/hour)
Timer (total 'on' time in hours)
sensor state

Casambi display measurement data-Vairus-Air-Purifier-Bertronic


statement read values ​​Bertronic Air Purifier Casambi

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