This CLASSIC ONLY version can only be added to CLASSIC NETWORKS, if in doubt, consult us first!

Casambi Bluetooth dimmer that can be placed on a DIN rail. It is necessary to place an end support between the modules in order to release heat. If this is not possible, reduce the maximum power from 350VA to a 200VA. Be careful not to connect inductive old-fashioned transformers.



The adjustment potentiometer on the dimmer itself (minimum dimming value 0-50%) continues to work. Example; if you set the minimum dimming value to 0% in the app, and you set the potentiometer to 50%, the lamp will not dim further than 50%.

The 'Push' input on the dimmer will continue to work, but if you are going to use it, the Casambi app will not recognize this, so you will not see anything change in the lamp field while your lamp is indeed dimming. If you then start dimming in the Casambi app again, the correct dimming value will be displayed again in the lamp field.

The N terminals of this unit are interconnected internally. So you may use the outgoing N, but you do not necessarily have to if you prefer to use the N in the central box and therefore only use the dim wire.

Connection diagram Electron DMR733