This CLASSIC ONLY version can only be added to CLASSIC NETWORKS, if in doubt, consult us first!

A small but very functional Casambi interface that can generate numerous signals and, for example, create 1 on 1 situations with a driver that must be controlled with Dali. You may only connect 1 driver to the DALI bus, and even if you are going to work with 0-10V you may only connect 1 driver. You may not directly load the 230V output, this must be done via an auxiliary relay, which we offer as a choice below.


Casambi CBU-ASD is standard in the app with the profile "DALI-1 x DIM (AO). You can also choose other profiles, you will find them under the tab 'PROFILES'.

App View Casambi CBU-ASD

Connection voltage 230V
Maximum current on the DALI bus or 0-10V bus; 1 driver.

A frequently asked question is about the 0-10V output. At 0% dimming value, this is 0 Volt. Many drivers, however, do not switch the LEDs off completely at 0 Volt and that is what the 230V auxiliary contact from CBU-ASD is intended for. With that contact (which is designed as a transistor output) you can release a 230V relay at 0 Volt output. The relay can supply your drivers with 230V. You may not supply 230V drivers directly from the auxiliary contact of CBU-ASD. You will find suitable 230V relays in our CASAMBI ACCESSORIES. 

If you set this unit to DALI, and no Dali drivers are connected, a 'configuration error' will appear after a while. This is because CBU-ASD is trying to make contact on the bus and thus fails.

Please convert profiles without outgoing wiring.

Connection diagram Casambi CBU-ASD

Here you can see the (many) available profiles of the Casambi inverter CBU-ASD. The dimmer comes standard with the DALI-1xDIM- (AO) profile.

You can change the profile of CBU-ASD just before adding it to your network. If you have already added CBU-ASD to your network and you want to change the profile, you must first disconnect it, see the TUTORIAL tab where a Youtube is located.

Profile selection Casambi CBU-ASD

Casambi CBU-ASD is supplied as follows;

Casambi CBU-ASD packaging


Below is a PDF of CBU-ASD.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.