Casambi Xpress user interface

Casambi Xpress is a battery-powered wall transmitter and holds on to a wall plate with 3 magnets, making it removable. XPRESS is available in black and white and gives direct access to all Casambi light control functionalities. Xpress is equipped with a CR2430 button cell battery. The battery status is displayed in the app.

Casambi Xpress is displayed in the SWITCHES field of the Casambi app as follows;

Various groups and scenes can be linked to the Xpress that you can set for each button. Perhaps you did not know yet, but in the Casambi network you can also set how fast you want to dim. We will explain everything to you during our 1-day Casambi course in our 'Casambi Knowledge Center'.

Casambi-APP programming-Xpress wall switch

Casambi's Xpress is supplied in a cardboard box;




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