Salvador 1000 recognizes and displays all drivers connected to the DALI line separately in the Casambi app. This makes further configuration extremely easy. All components integrate and communicate seamlessly with other Casambi devices. Each Salvador can recognize up to 64 drivers and you can add multiple Salvador devices to your Casambi network. A Salvador counts as one Casambi participant, whereby the Dali devices hanging behind that Salvador are also counted separately. An Evolution network can contain up to 250 participants (nodes). Example; you have 2 Salvador devices in your network, each with 50 DALI lights, then there are 50+50+1+1=102 nodes in your network.

Salvador 1000 obtains its power supply from the DALI bus, so you must install a separate power supply. (Salvador 2000 has its own DALI power supply)

Salvador 1000 will be available soon, price is not yet known.