LEDsGO interface 0-10V with relay output for Casambi

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This LEDsGO interface provides a 0-10V signal to control multiple drivers at the same time. LEDsGO has also built in a relay that switches off the 230V drivers at 0% dimming value. This is important because drivers that work with 0-10V (sometimes) do not have an overall 'off' state at '0V' and therefore have to be disconnected from the mains voltage (sometimes).


Ledsgo Interface 0-10V 'Power ASD' ends up in the app as follows;

App view Ledsgo Interface 0-10V Casambi

Connection voltage 230V
Number of drivers to be connected; Depends on the driver, keep 5 pieces as a rule of thumb.
Maximum current relay contact; 5 Amp

Connection diagram Power ASD Ledsgo Interface 0-10V



LEDsGO interface 0-10V;

Ledsgo Interface-0-10V

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