ELT DCM Casambi drivers

Be careful; you are in our Casambi Sale collection. So this article is either "Classic-Only" or a "occasion" or "damaged" or "the packaging is missing" or a mix thereof! The price line contains the details! However, everything works properly.


Complete collection of 50W drivers with 3 variants available; 250mA, 500mA and 700mA. The remarkable thing about this collection is that, for example, the 250mA variant guarantees a power of no less than 50 Watts despite the low current flow, but be vigilant for the high voltage that goes with it. Dipswitches allow you to reduce the amperage somewhat.

ELT DCM ends up in the app as follows;

ELT-DLCM display in the Casambi app

Connection voltage 230V
Output current; see table below
Maximum power; 50W
The table below shows the mA values ​​versus the maximum output power.

current strength choice ELT DLCM Casambi driver

connection diagram ELT DLCM Casambi




ELT-DLCM Casambi driver packaging



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