CBU-PWM4 is a dimmer from Casambi with a connection voltage of 12VDC or 24VDC. You can choose from several profiles, making it possible to connect different types of LED strips such as Tunable White, RGBW, etc. Maximum connection power at 24VDC; 144W.

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Casambi CBU-PWM-4 is standard in the app with the profile RGBW. You can also choose other profiles, you will find these under the tab "PROFILES".

App display Casambi CBU-PWM4

Connection voltage 12-24V-DC
Maximum current; 6Amp
LED strip power at 24V max. 144 Watt

This Casambi LED strip dimmer must be powered by a 12VDC or 24VDC. The chosen connection voltage is determined by the voltage on which the LED strip operates.

You may load this driver Asymmetrically provided the total current does not exceed 6A. For example, you can divide 4x1,5A over the outputs, but it is also allowed to load 1 output 6A, provided the other 3 outputs are not connected.

There are several profiles to choose. A 'profile' ensures that the driver controls the outputs in a certain way. Well-known profiles are for example RGBW, Tunable White or 4 separate dimming channels. If you change a profile, you must therefore also connect the outputs that belong to that profile. Below are some examples. You can see all profiles in the tab "PROFILES"

CBU-PWM4 Connection diagram RGBW

Here you can see the available profiles of the Casambi LED strip driver CBU-PWM4. CBU-PWM4 is factory set to the RGBW profile.

You can change the profile just before adding the driver to your network. If you have already added the driver to your network and want to change the profile, you must first unmount the driver.

As an example there are 5 frequently used screen shots of the lamp field that belong to a certain profile;

Casambi CBU-PWM4 profile choice

Casambi CBU-PWM4;

 Casambi CBU-PWM4 packaging

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