Art4Light Casambi Immobilizer theft protection

In consultation with your garage owner, shipyard or motorcycle specialist, we supply a pre-programmed Casambi system that can be built into your valuable property. This system blocks your current starting system and is also very suitable for Campers that are often parked for a long time.

After installation, your boat, motorcycle, camper or car will not start without your mobile phone with the Casambi app nearby and you temporarily lift the blockage. Afterwards you have 2 minutes to start your vehicle as usual, so with your regular key or your keyless entrance. If you are late, you must unblock the system again. So you don't need anything other than your phone with the Casambi app.

Optionally, we supply a small hand-held transmitter that you find more convenient. You can then block the system with both the transmitter and your telephone. After departure, you never have to think about whether you have activated the 'Casambi Immobiliser' again, because that happens automatically.

Art4Light supplies this system, but installation is done at your own risk. Assuming that something is stolen, then damage cannot be recovered from Art4Light.

ART4LIGHT Casambi immobilizer boat



Casambi Immobilizer is displayed in the Casambi app as follows;

app display casambi art4light immobilizer