Art4Light Casambi Immobilizer theft protection

In consultation with your garage owner, shipyard or motorcycle specialist, we supply a pre-programmed Casambi system that is built into your valuable possession.

Once installed, your boat, engine or car will not start without your mobile phone being around and deactivating the system. After deactivation you have 2 minutes to start your vehicle as usual with your regular key or your keyless entrance. If you are late, you must deactivate the system again.

So you don't need anything other than your phone.
(Suppose you (also) prefer to work with a small hand-held transmitter than with your telephone, then we can deliver it)

After departure you never have to think about whether you have switched the Casambi Immobilizer system back on, because that happens automatically.

Optionally, we supply a gateway that can be built into your possession. The gateway makes it possible to switch off your property remotely. Note that there are certain laws in different countries in this regard. Switching off means that you can, for example, switch off the fuel pump via an internet connection from your mobile phone.

Attention; this product is custom made and must be paid in advance.

Casambi immobilizer



Casambi Immobilizer is displayed in the Casambi app as follows;

app display casambi art4light immobilizer