Casambi CBU-DCS Gateway interface

Casambi interface CBU-DCS is intended to work together with building management systems including DALI installations. You imagine a desire to also control a Casambi network in an existing wired system. If desired, the Casambi network can also be operated as usual. In your DALI environment you can determine the Hierarchy. CBU-DCS gets its power from the DALI-BUS and after you connect it, it is recognized by the Casambi app.

You may allow up to 64 Casambi devices to participate on the Casambi side per CBU-DCS. Of course you can include more CBU-DCS in your building management system (BMS). Every Casambi network behind a CBU-DCS can, if desired, continue to work thanks to Casambi switches and sensors, whereby you can determine which commands are more important; from the GBS or from the Casambi network itself.

4.0 DALI Gateway_rev1.2 CBU DCS


Casambi CBU-DCS;


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You first have to choose the right profile and then you add CBU-DCS-GATEWAY to your network and you can configure it further in your DALI environment.

Add CBU-DCS GATEWAY to Network