Casam bee tutorial 7

Casam-bee explains how motion sensors behave in the Casambi network. Note that the new firmware now also has an 'absence timeout', which means that if you set a time of e.g. 1 minute the lights will go out after the absence scene, if you set the time to 0 sec . put in that field, this option is not active.

00.00 Operation Activate Hierarchy.
02.00 Operation Hierarchy options (Timeout functions)
04.20 Add a Casambi sensor
04.33 Add an ordinary sensor and link it to e.g. CBU-TED in 'Presence'
07.13 Behavior of a linked scene at 'presence'.
09.49 Behavior of a linked scene with 'presence / absence'.
12.43 Behavior of a linked scene in 'absence'.
14.25 Resume automation (entire network).
15.00:XNUMX PM Resume automation (of a group).

The content of this tutorial may be out of date due to both new software and hardware. If in doubt, always consult your dealer!