Bertronic Converter 24 CC driver for Casambi

The output current of this 2 channel Casambi driver is set using dip switches between 250 and 1050mA, with a maximum power of 80W. The supply voltage is 24VDC. There are 2 inputs for push-buttons.

Bertronic Converter 24 is displayed in the Casambi app as follows;

Casambi App display Bertronic Converter 24

Casambi operation of Bertronic Converter 24

This Casambi Constant Current driver can be set to currents between 250 and 1050mA by means of dip switches. The output voltage is maximum 62V.

You feed this Bertronic Converter with 24VDC / 4Amp. A wire length of up to 15 meters may be used on the secondary side, so perfect for spotlights above the ceiling, or the driver placed in the meter cupboard. There are 2 outputs and 2 dim controls available. The maximum output voltage is 62V.

dip switch 4;
if you set it to '1 channel' you have 1 output with maximum power depending on your LED mAmp's.
if you set it to '2 channel' divide the power evenly between the two outputs.

The driver has the option of connecting 2 push-buttons that you can freely configure in the app.

Bertronic connection diagram 24

Bertronic Converter;

Bertronic Converter 24 package

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