Casambi Art4Light professional Casambi Venetian blind control

This ABS (plastic) IP66 box contains 2 outputs that work perfectly together with the Casambi app. You can use the outputs for, for example, electric fences, sun blinds, curtains and screens that have an 'up' and a 'down' wire, whereby the motor voltage may be between 12V (DC-AC) and 230V (DC-AC). The box is supplied with two 230V / 10A outputs as standard; 'up and down'. A potential-free contact can be connected such as a PCB input by disconnecting the purple jumpers and supplying your own voltage.

In the app you will receive 2 buttons that you can name yourself, for example OPEN and CLOSE. The outputs are unaffected by ALL LAMPS, and you can press them both at the same time without applying voltage to the motor which could damage it. After it is ready for you, we can remotely set a time after which the motor's voltage drops again. Most motors have a limit switch, but we recommend that you choose an END TIME.

Casambi Art4Light professional solar shading control IP66

You connect the box to 230V, after which you have the output 2 x 230V (open / closed) immediately available. However, you can remove the purple wire bridges and supply a voltage yourself or start working potential-free. On request we make personalized cabinets for you, in consultation.

You can choose to continue to use the normal push-buttons;

connection diagram Casambi Art4Light professional solar shading control IP66

If you want to switch a different motor voltage, remove the 2 purple wire bridges from the welding caps and connect your own power supply to the white wire and the black wire, taking into account that you provide a fused power supply that the maximum current of does not exceed 2 OMRON relays. Be sure to leave the other welding caps on the blue and brown wire;

Purple wire bridges Art4Light Casambi shutter module

All components can be exchanged in case of malfunction and the box is equipped with a 10A (5x20mm) fuse. This exchangeable slow blow fuse protects the electrical components as well as the connected 230V-AC motor. (Please note that if you are going to use other motor voltages, you must provide a motor fuse yourself, see electrical diagram).


First of all, it is good to know that your connected motor will not respond if you operate "all lights" in the app, which often leads to uncontrolled and unwanted screen movements.

Second, it is good to know that certain settings are required in the network. We will make this adjustment for you. The explanation below therefore only applies if the settings have been made.

Operation from the lamp field;
'Open Garden screen' - a short press will open the screen to the maximum, with the power off the motor after 1 minute. Close Garden screen - a short press will close the screen, disconnecting the motor power after 1 minute. If you want to stop the screen at an intermediate position, briefly press the push button again while moving the screen.

Control from a group;
If you have several engines, you can also create a group in the Casambi app that calls for example 'Open-commands'. If you give a short press on that group, all motors that are part of that group will open and you stop all motors by clicking again. If you want to operate a motor from that group separately, double-click on the group and select your motor.

art4light shutter group control

Further possibilities;

You can enforce a certain position of your sun protection, for example 50% closed.
You can give a command; "all lights off" and thus also close all screens.
You can have curtains closed when you arm your alarm system.
When you go on holiday, you can have the curtains close automatically at a certain time every evening.
You can open your fence with an Enocean (adhesive) switch when the doorbell rings. You can have your gate closed every evening at 23.00 pm, for example.
In the event of a burglary, you can set all lights to 100% via the alarm center and leave the window screens open. Etc.

Of course you contact us if you have any further questions.

Casambi Art4Light professional blind control;

delivery Casambi Art4Light professional sun protection control IP66