Light team LIGA.AIR.4.STO.8T.240 Blind actuator for Casambi networks

In the Casambi app, this device can operate up to 4 pieces of sun protection, curtains, patio cover or, for example, your swimming pool cover. Potential-free inputs are also available for push-buttons so that you can also control the outputs locally.

OVERVIEW OF CONFIGURATION_Lichtteam LIGA.AIR.4.STO.240-Distort shutter relay

Light team LIGA.AIR.4.STO.240 ends up in the Casambi app as follows;

Lighting team LIGA.AIR.4.STO.240-Storen shutter relay-in Casambi app

What is explained below applies per channel. Strictly speaking, these are 4 Casambi nodes that are housed in one device. You could even place the 4 screens to be operated in 4 different Casambi networks.


If you offer 230VAC at the entrance, the unit is actually ready for use immediately without needing the Casambi app at all. The push-buttons that may be connected to the green and red wire work directly, with black being the common wire. These wires are galvanically isolated and can therefore also be connected with small push buttons. Below is a timeline that explains how the push-buttons control the outputs.

Of course you will teach this blind actuator in the Casambi app and the operation of the pushbuttons in the app will fulfill the same function. The wired push-buttons and the push-buttons in the Casambi app can be used simultaneously;

Programming LIGA.AIR.STO.2T.240-PART2

You can also directly control the bottom sliders, which results in the following operation;

Programming LIGA.AIR.STO.2T.240-PART3

Lighting team LIGA.AIR.STO.2T.240;

LIGA.AIR.4.STO.240 shutter module


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