On this page you will find lots of interesting tutorials made by Casambi himself. The speakers are Robert Hutson and Maarit Tötterman from Casambi Finland.

1) Overview of the Casambi app


2) Casambi Classic and Evolution


3) Casambi hierarchy


4) Using Casambi for the first time


5) Create Casambi network


6) The LAMPS field of Casambi


7) Create a Casambi SCENE


8) Create a Casambi ANIMATION


9) Making a Casambi TIMER


10) Configure a Casambi SWITCH


11) Configure a Casambi MOTION DETECTOR


12) SHARE a Casambi NETWORK


13) Remote control and DALI GATEWAY


14) Unlink Casambi devices


15) Configure a Casambi XPRESS