Casambi help desk

Our helpdesk is intended for our regular (business) customers. If you have a Casambi-related question, complaint or malfunction, you can contact us and we will first ask you for your customer number so that you can get in touch with one of our Casambi specialists who is also an electrician. You can reach our helpdesk during regular office hours. In an emergency, you may send an email with a callback request outside these hours, but please do not call us.

How can we help you?

A) Telephone maintenance
If you have contact with one of our Casambi specialists and you have expressed your question, it will be dealt with and usually a solution is available that is sufficient.

B) Casambi Cloud maintenance
If the problem turns out to be more difficult, our specialist can ask you to 'share' the network admin login details, or (if there are none) the network first. You do not necessarily have to be present at the job because our specialist uses the Casambi Cloud where your network is located after he / she has logged into your network. In this way we can see what the situation is, and whether a wrong choice was made in the Casambi app during the configuration. Usually our specialist makes a 'fixed backup moment' before he / she changes things in your network. This is done because (assuming you are not satisfied with the solution) the network from before the service can be restored. The changes that our specialist makes in your network are immediately visible to you (and others who own the network). If it looks like the problem has been solved, our specialist will 'forget' your password and the network in the device we worked with. You are of course free to change your password afterwards.

C) Casambi Cloud-Gateway maintenance
If it turns out to be necessary that the lights in the network actually need to be operated, the specialist can ask whether the Casambi gateway can be opened, this must be done on location and someone must be present near the network. That does not necessarily have to be you, it can also be your customer. If our specialist has received your login data from the network and the gateway is open, he / she can operate lamps and check whether scenes, timers etc. are being executed correctly. After completion, our Casambi specialist will advise you to close the Casambi gatway again and he / she will 'forget' your password and the network in the device that was used. You are of course free to change your password afterwards.