For invited guests, we are organizing a Casambi-Enabled-Products-Event on 25 and 26 October 2021 in our new Casambi Experience Center in Uithoorn to be able to experience Casambi in all its facets there. This event is intended for the business market. You can request your invitation via

Given the current Corona rules, we have chosen a 'flow event' and there are therefore no lectures or centered presentations at a certain time of a certain person. Of course we have done everything to ensure air quality and a very spacious layout. We nevertheless ask that you handle your and our risks with due care.

We have made various Casambi networks that you can use on your own smart devices or ours, where various 85” smart screens can enrich your experience.

All lights in our 360m2 showroom are connected to the Casambi networks. If you are not yet familiar with Casambi, we will quickly create a test network for you.

Casambi is a Bluetooth lighting control system that has no dominant components in the network.

We have all the products on our site in stock, so we can show them to you. During the event you will see many Casambi-Enabled-Products promotion packages in the showroom that we can offer for a low price. If you are not yet a customer and you register during this 2-day event, we optionally offer you a nice starter package.

I am proud to introduce some of our partners who are joining us these days and can share their own Casambi success stories with you;

Krisian Jenkins, Team Casambi
Business Development Manager Benelux & France
Kristian Jenkins

Team Arditi Germany;
Andreas Hellwig; Senior Sales Manager
Paul Schneider; Assistant Managing Director

Team ESTOL Germany;
Michael Lahme; CEO
Frank Gabrielsch; Sales and Casambi developer
Estol Germany

Team LDM Germany;
Jurgen Glauner; CEO Founder
Patrick Schneider; Sales director South Germany
Bernd Thies; Sales Director North Germany
LDM Germany

Team Ledsign Holland;
René van Gogh; Managing Director and Casambi specialist.
Ledsign Netherlands

Team Art4Light;
Tom; Casambi specialist, teacher and electrical installer.
Irma; Casambi commissioning specialist and hostess.
Richard; Casambi API and IT specialist.
waldie; Electrical engineer and Casambi experience expert.
hella; Hostess and catering services.

Opening times for invited guests;
Monday 25-10 / 10.00-17.00
Tuesday 26-10 / 10.00-17.00
Free parking