Casambi Cloud

Why a Casambi API
You may not be unfamiliar with the term API. An API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easier for software programs to communicate with each other and can be used for, for example:
- Monitoring of Casambi networks.
- Access to sensor, diagnostic and uses data.
- Operation of Casambi components.

Monitoring of Casambi networks
The Casambi API can be linked directly (max 7 days) or indirectly (via own database) to monitoring software. With monitoring software you can see live how Casambi software functions such as:
- A motion sensor is activated because, for example, someone enters the office or shop.
- A Casambi component is activated but Casambi sensor indicates that the light does not turn on (Lamp must be replaced).
- A battery of a Casambi component is almost empty and you will receive an alert that it needs to be replaced.

Access to sensor, diagnostic and utilized data
The Casambi API can also be used to perform trend analyzes, for example by linking it to reporting software. This makes it possible to base decisions on data, such as:
- At what time do most customers / employees arrive.
- How often is the light turned on and for how long is the light on.
- When does the sun set in the garden.

Operation of Casambi components
It was already possible to operate Casambi via the Casambi application and via other hardware control components, but with the Casambi API it is now also possible to operate Casambi components via software applications. Some examples that can be considered for the use of the Casambi API:
- An application for "Google Home Assistant" to control Casambi via voice control.
- Create a web application to operate Casambi.
- Expand your own mobile application with Casambi operating support.
- Link to an alarm software system. For example, when a Casambi sensor is activated, all Casambi supported lighting switches on.