Vadsbo LDN200 (pressure dimmer without Casambi)

High-quality LED dimmer from Vadsbo, type LDN200. You connect this dimmer to a push-button that does not require 0-wire (blue). The dimmer has 3 adjustment screws namely; minimum value, maximum value and a boost. A boost may be necessary if, for example, you have 6 LED lights in a row and after you have expressed them to the minimum setting, they no longer all turn on at the same time when you press the dimmer again. The boost setting gives all LED lights a slightly higher dimming value for a very short time, after which the dimmer immediately returns to the set minimum value at that moment. Adjust the minimum value when the LED in the lower dimming value starts to flash. You can use the maximum value if the LED shows flicker or if the LED gets too hot.

Suppose that the dimmer does not fit in the wall box, then simply place it in the central box or in the lamp and place the push-button in the wall box as usual.


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