Lighting team DALI Interface LIGA.AIR.DALI.1K.1T.240 for Casambi

this LIGA-AIR interface delivers up to 100mA on the DALI bus and can control up to 50 drivers as a group simultaneously. There is an input to connect a potential-free push-button, so that a dimming function is available locally. Since the input is galvanically isolated from the output, you may use thin wires to the switch. This interface is connected to 230V and is sealed with epoxy resin.


By default, this interface ends up in the app with the profile 'LIGA.AIR.DALI.1K.1T.240'

App View LIGHT TEAM Liga.Air Dali-1K-1T-240

Connection voltage 230V
Maximum current on the DALI bus; 100mA (driving about 50 drivers at the same time) and you have the option of connecting a push-button that ex works the device itself, but which you can also disconnect and have something else controlled. Pay attention; in the PDF is written about 120mA but that has been reduced to 100mA.

Connection diagram LIGA.AIR Lighting team DALI-1K-1T-240

Here you can see the available profiles of LIGA.AIR.DALI.1K.1T.240

Casambi Profile selection Lighting team LIGA.AIR DALI-1K-1T-240

Casambi LIGA.AIR.DALI.1K.1T240;

Lighting team LIGA.AIR DALI-1K-1T-240

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