Casambi, the Bluetooth story,

The Casambi system was developed in Finland by a dynamic team of technicians. Because people already knew everything about (low energy) Bluetooth, the basis for a 'new efficient and energy-saving Bluetooth home automation system' was quickly realized.

Casambi App,
The free Casambi app works on all Android and IOS Smart devices such as Samsung, Iphone, Ipad etc. You do not need an expensive server and a WIFI network is not required. This is because Casambi works via Bluetooth. As soon as you install a Casambi component (for example a Casambi dimmer, a Casambi lamp, a Casambi driver, a Casambi WallxPress or whatever) your free network has automatically become a comfortable fact! A Casambi network is free and therefore starts with 1 component, after which you have endless possibilities and choices without having to create an account somewhere. The Casambi app supports the most common languages, regardless of the language set on your smart device.

Casambi components,
Vadsbo and many other brands use the smart Casambi system in their products. This means that you can dim and switch your lighting as usual, but that you can also call up light scenes with the app or other 'normal' switches. Your switchgear simply retains the color and finish you want, whether it be Bush Jeager, JUNG or GIRA, or Berker. After installation, you can also operate the entire system without a telephone or I-pad. In that case, use the 'normal switches and dimmers' in the wall, while retaining all Casambi facilities. We can show you everything working in our Casambi Knowledge Center and advise you which components are best to choose to include in your electrical installation. There are even 'normal rotary dimmers' with Casambi operation available.

Subsequent adjustments and service,
A very powerful advantage of Casambi is that your customer can easily do extensions. After all, Casambi immediately recognizes an extension of Casambi components and adds them to the Casambi network. In the event of a malfunction or changes that your customer cannot resolve itself, simply log in remotely into the Casambi cloud (password required).

New construction and renovation,
Provided it is cleverly designed, a Casambi network can save everyone a lot of money because you have to do much less work such as milling pipes and chopping boxes. This is because the entire network is controlled wirelessly without any risk of failure or malfunction.

Casambi vs KNX,
With other (often very expensive) networks and home automation systems, if the server breaks down, 'the entire system breaks down'. This can already happen with a simple power failure on 1 group. In Casambi, however, there is no single dominant component to be detected. As soon as something fails or becomes defective, the system will ignore these components until they automatically register again! This gives the Casambi system an unparalleled self-resolving capacity in the event of impending failures. Even your smart device does not play any role in stable operation. You do not need to purchase expensive servers, computers and no licenses at Casambi. And what you don't have to buy can't be broken!

Casambi Gateway,
You can remotely control lamps directly if your customer allows it and the gateway is therefore opened, an extremely simple operation. After this has been done you can reach the network. After completion, the 'Gateway' is extended again. The Casambi app works without an IP configuration or a LAN modem, so there is no danger that someone can break into a computer if your Casambi gateway is open for a long time.

Casambi scope,
Every Casambi component in the network automatically acts as a 'repeater'. This means that all components pass on information to each other. This means that the range has become unlimited and even entire buildings can be equipped with this smart system. The Casambi network is also called a 'Grid Network', or 'Mesh Network'. With the new firmware 'Evolution' up to 250 components can communicate with each other in 1 network.

casambi updates,
Because a Casambi network is a 'Grid Network', a software update will only be uploaded once from an I-pad or Android to the nearest component. Afterwards, all components will pass on the software to each other. You will not notice this and your lighting will continue to work. If the power fails in the meantime, the update will continue after recovery.

Casambi and the Casambi cloud,
A network is stored in the 'Casambi Cloud' and is safe there until you delete the network. We can advise you which Casambi network is best for you and show the differences between the available networks during our Casambi Course.

Casambi and Philips Hue,
The Casambi app also recognizes all PHILIPS HUE systems and you can therefore operate them directly on the app after connecting the Philips Bridge.

Casambi and presence simulation,
Within the Casambi protocol you can link your electronic security to the network by means of a technical trick. This means that when you turn on your alarm, some light scenes are automatically controlled during pre-set times so that your home appears occupied during vacation.


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