Art4Light is the training partner officially recognized by Casambi Finland (head office) for the Netherlands and Belgium. Located in Uithoorn (just below Amsterdam), we train small and large companies in Casambi skills in our spacious conditioned Casambi training center. You can choose from 2 variants;

De officiële Casambi Fundamentals opleiding (€ 333,- per persoon / Click here for more info)
This is the 1-day training in which the Casambi basic skills are covered. 

De officiële Casambi Enhanced opleiding (€ 999,- per persoon / Click here for more info)
This is the 3-day training that delves deeply into all aspects of the Casambi app and Casambi hardware. A set of Casambi Demo Cubes will be made available to you to do various exercises. You must bring your own iPad for this course.

Roni Huttunen (Casambi Head Office) wrote the following about us on Linkedin after a 1 on 1 knowledge session with Art4Light in Finland;
Now it's all out there for the world to see. Thank you Art4Light for sharing your experience. We want the 4C assessment not only to be a proof of skill but also a recognition of dedication and time given understand the Casambi lighting controls solution. With both Tom van Buuren and Irma Lankhaar the dedication is unquestioned and for Tom the recognition of 4C partner was inevitable, it was a pleasure to be a part of it. Art4Light is THE place to get Casambi knowledge in their area that is for sure! Roni.

* After a positive completion you will receive the official Casambi certificate.
* Casambi courses are taught by 4C certified teachers.
* Every day we offer you a nice lunch.
* Due to our planning, the course fees due must be paid at least 2 weeks before the start!

Casambi-Training Partner-Benelux