You can choose to create the Casambi network on location and have you or your electrician learn and name everything in the app. To this end, it is important that the electrician has some knowledge of Casambi and makes optimal use of the practicality of this system. (We also provide Casambi course)

Another option is that Art4Light teaches all Casambi components for you based on your drawing and names everything in the app. Switches are added and linked to your liking. Groups are created and named. After your secured Casambi network is ready, it will be sent to you (or to your electrician or both) with a password by e-mail. After you log in to that network, you will see everything in the Casambi app. The Casambi actors themselves (the electrical components) are sent by courier to the address you specified. After that, it is only a matter of connecting and assembling the wiring. Of course you can adjust your network later in the Casambi app or ask us to do this remotely. The 'commissioning' service is not free and the price differs per project and number of actors.

Commissioning Casambi by Art4Light
Above you see the commissioning of a project in Utrecht (Bunk hotels). All components are electrically connected, the firmware is updated, stickers are labeled on the electrical components, which are then repacked and sent when finished. Below you can see the result of the beautifully renovated church.
BUNK hotels Utrecht chose Casambi
.BUNK hotels Amsterdam chose Casambi

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