Casambi Classic Only Sale

Please read the following carefully before purchasing!

Casambi developed the Classic Casambi software in 2012. All devices that were offered on the market at that time housed the Classic software. Tens of thousands of Classic networks were created worldwide. Although the Classic software is no longer being developed, it still works well. The latest Firmware Classic is 26.24 and that's it. In short; The hardware from that time is 'Classic-Only'. At some point Casambi develops Evolution software and slowly all devices that appear on the market are equipped with the new Evolution software, whereby you can still choose to add those devices to the Classic networks (exceptions to this are some devices that only work within the Evolution software such as 8-channel dimmers, etc.)

For those who received a Casambi training with us, it will be known that we always say here; 'NEVER create a Classic network again (given the above)'. Classic networks can be automatically migrated to Evolution by the app, alerting you if it finds hardware (dimmers, etc.) that cannot do this. You can also do the migration manually. Why then this page with hundreds of 'Classic-Only' products? Below are some examples where we once again report that if you do this, those devices can never migrate to Evolution!

You still have a Classic network and are fine with it this way. In this case, if you want to add devices, you can buy new ones that can (usually) be added to both Classic and Evolution, or you can buy a 'Classic-Only' for a very low price.

You have a shed somewhere and want to make a Casambi installation there, simply with products that do not have a special function such as 8-channel dimmers, vibration sensors, battery sensors, Casambi cloud gateway, etc. Now you can make your move by purchasing products from the collection below.

You need 1 or more Casambi REPEATERS for your Classic network. You can also purchase one of the products below and add it to your Classic network!

Classic networks can still be created, but Casambi has (fortunately) 'hidden' access to them in the Casambi App. Ask us if you still want to create a Classic network, but again, normally you create an EVOLUTION!

* Note that some products are sometimes no longer in the packaging or show minor damage / there is no warranty on these products