What does the Casambi app look like and how do I operate the lights?
You use the app as a programming tool, but you can also control all lamp scenes, etc. At the bottom of the app you will find 4 main menus from which you can do everything for both a very small and a very large network!

LAMPS Here you control the individual or grouped lamps and you can access the settings of the lamps.

GALLERY Here you can take 1 or more photos of your surroundings and drag your lights into them. Here you visualize your entire installation and you can operate the lamps yourself in the photo. If you operate the entire photo at the same time, all the lights that have been dragged onto the photo will respond!

SCENES Here you create light scenes and you can also activate them. In this field you can also add scenes with Human Centric Lighting and setpoints for illuminance (Lux).

MORE From here you can create Timers, add Switches and Sensors and link and program them. You can also set any Gateway here and adjust the App settings.

Via MORE / NETWORK CONFIGURATION you can go even deeper into the Casambi app and set and read all other parameters. Good to know that you can always change and adjust everything in the Casambi app!

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  • Irma Lankhaar