Can I also control my network remotely?
Certainly, this is done using a Gateway function that is standard in your Casambi app. An internet connection is required to ensure that the Casambi Cloud server can transmit the signal from your phone to your home and vice versa, because the information goes back and forth. Couple; you go to Crete. If someone turns off the lights at your home, you will see this on your phone in Crete, and you could then turn the lights back on from Crete! Suppose the internet connection is lost, you will no longer be able to do anything from Crete, but the installation at home will of course continue to work! Casambi's Cloud service is also free. Several people can contact your home with their telephone via the Casambi Cloud server because you have made them part of the Casambi network. You can easily turn the function off again, which can also be done from your holiday address, but reactivating the Gateway must always be done on the device at your home! Below are 2 examples of how you can reach your Casambi network from outside.

In the left red example you buy the Casambi gateway and connect it to your Casambi network. The box must also be connected to your wired Ethernet and/or WiFi network. The Gateway must therefore remain in the Bluetooth network and select 'Cloud Gateway' in the settings.

In the right blue example choose 'This device' and leave the iPhone in Bluetooth range. You must connect the phone to your WiFi network at home and/or insert a SIM card to connect to the internet. Great excuse to use your old phone for that and buy a nice new one! Tip; Turn off the automatic updates of the phone that is left at home so that the Casambi app always remains active.

You don't have to think about anything else, as soon as you leave your house and therefore go out of Bluetooth range, your Casambi app will always switch to the Cloud functionality.

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  • Irma Lankhaar