Casambi lamps dim and switch with Enocean technology

How does Kinetic Energy Generation work?
Every time you press one of the buttons to switch or dim lamps, the Casambi Enocean switch briefly converts kinetic (motion) energy into electrical (transmission) energy. This gives a 'click feeling and sound' and is comparable to a cigarette lighter that can still provide an ignition spark without a battery. A Casambi Enocean switch therefore does not require a battery, no 1V and therefore no flush-mounted box and is therefore flat at the back. This saves you a lot of money and labor in new or renovation projects, because you no longer need switching wires and flush-mounted boxes!

Which brands make Casambi Enocean switches?
Enocean technology is marketed worldwide by dozens of manufacturers within their own switch program, including in our region where JUNG, GIRA and BUSCH JAEGER, among others, are prominent. They have also realized that Casambi has become dominant in the wireless Bluetooth lighting control market! Below are some examples from our Casambi Enocean collections;

When can I install a Casambi Enocean switch?
You place Enocean switches directly in new or existing cover frames. But you can also, for example, provide an existing single socket with a double cover frame and click an Enocan switch into the second hole: after all, you don't need a flush-mounted box! If necessary, you can even stick them on a glass facade with the supplied tape and add the switch within 10 seconds. to your Casambi network! Enocean switches can easily handle more than 50.000 clicks and therefore have a very long lifespan!

How do I add the Enocean switch to my Casambi network?
Enocean switches are linked from the Casambi app via a telephone with NFC, this is based on the same principle with which you pay contactless in the supermarket or petrol station. In the Casambi app you then connect the buttons to lamps, scenes, groups, etc. It is important that you determine in advance whether you want a double or single control rocker because the operation in the app is consistent with this via faceplates. Below is a roadmap of the faceplates in the Casambi app, but there are numerous variants that are further shown and explained in our Enocean collections. 

Where can I see and experience Casambi Enocean switches?
This makes sense if you first want to experience exactly what Enocean can do for you! You can therefore see and feel everything about Enocean in Art4Light's Casambi Experience Center by appointment. There is a complete wall there with all brands and available colors and the employees know everything about Casambi! Art4Light is BeNeLux sales and training partner of Casambi Finland.

Where can I buy Casambi Enocean switches?
Are you a consumer and do you want to buy online? Click here.
Are you a business partner? please click here.

What technology is in an Enocean switch?
Below you see an openwork Enocean switch. The 2 red lines lead to the long, narrow plastic edges that convert 'kinetic energy' into 'electrical transmission energy' every time you press the control rocker (top or bottom, left or right). The switch also knows which button is selected (green line), because there is a small elevation in the inside of each rocker that presses one of the pink squares at the same time as the energy is generated (1-2-3-4).

How do I add a Casambi Enocean switch to my Casambi network?
How to add an Enocean switch from the Casambi app is demonstrated in the YouTube below by Tom van Buuren (Casambi 4C teacher). iOS and Android each have their own procedure!

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